What is ITAMaaS (IT Asset Management as a Service)

IT Asset Management as a Service supports critical elements of digital transformation, namely Empowering Employees and Optimizing Operations. It provides an end-to-end IT lifecycle solution, underpinned by the ITIL framework, that maximises efficiency, saves money, enhances security, protects your investment and allows you to concentrate on your core business.

By actively managing IT assets (hardware and software) throughout their lifecycle, organisations can reduce the budget spent on assets. These cost savings come in the form of:

  • Reduced maintenance costs obtained by operating a best practice asset assessment/repair/warranty tracking process.
  • Reduced hardware costs through improved utilization of existing assets, such as through recouping of machines from users no longer requiring them.
  • Reduced human resource costs as management time identifying the need for new devices is reduced/saved.
  • Reduced software licensing costs.
  • Increased income through improved disposal processes.
  • Improved employee experience as requests are dealt with efficiently, effectively and with reduced disruption to their daily routine. 
What is ITAMaaS

Cased Dimensions’ end-to-end lifecycle service uses the industry’s best practice, ITIL Framework, whilst allowing us to tailor service for the individual needs of each client.

Acquisition - we can create a tailored acquisition experience that enables you to procure, track and manage requisitions from our secure portal environment.

Deployment – the commissioning of technology, especially across multiple locations, can be extremely complicated.
Our technicians are experienced in working to exacting client requirements and specifications to ensure device homogeneity.

Maintenance – we provide complete control over maintenance requirements ensuring effective assessment, testing and repair.
We utilise client agreed standards and processes to facilitate appropriate decision-making ensuring that warranty facilities are fully utilised.

Disposal – the safe and secure disposal of your assets is of paramount importance to us. Technology assets, despite the best will in the world, have finite lifespans.
Allow your internal teams to focus on core initiatives and leave the minutiae of secure and safe disposal to us.