The business of Asset Management has become even more complex in result of today’s digital transformation. Effective IT Asset Management saves you money, reduces wasted time and helps your staff to be more productive from day one.

Our in-house developed software uses existing data to automate the process. We’re so convinced of its effectiveness that we use it ourselves. Once it goes live, our IT Asset Management system can track every asset throughout its life cycle and report against cost by department, geographical location or cost code.

Our end-to-end lifecycle service is exactly that. It uses the industry best practice ITIL framework while allowing us to focus on the individual needs of each client.



Let’s start with the most expensive asset you have – your people. When a new employee joins, he or she needs a number of key tools to do the job. A desktop computer. Perhaps a laptop, too. Access to the right software at the right time. A mobile phone. Without a sophisticated Asset Management system, each of those items might be issued by a different manager or department, with all the paperwork and inevitable delays that entails.

The new member of staff could be waiting for days before becoming a productive member of the team. All this time, you might as well be burning their salary.

With Cased Dimensions Asset Management, everything they need is waiting on the desk, primed and ready to go. The result is that they are contributing to the organisation from the day they first walk through the door.


Standard features of our Asset Management service include:

  • Hardware requests fulfilment & life-cycle management
  • Software provision
  • Procurement
  • Maintenance and repair
  • End of use reporting
  • Retirement or disposal of assets, including Blancco secure erasure of data and ensuring that environmental regulations are adhered to.
  • Inventory management

IT Asset Management as a Service supports critical elements of digital transformation, namely Empowering Employees and Optimizing Operations. It provides an end-to-end IT lifecycle solution, supported by the ITIL framework, that maximises efficiency, saves money, enhances security, protects your investment and allows you to concentrate on your core business.

Cased Dimensions’ end-to-end lifecycle service uses the industry’s best practice, ITIL Framework, whilst allowing us to tailor service for the individual needs of each client.

Acquisition - we can provide you with an experience that enables you to procure, track and manage requests from our secure portal environment.

Deployment – the commissioning of technology, especially across multiple locations, can be extremely complicated.

Maintenance – we provide complete control over maintenance requirements ensuring effective assessment, testing and repair.

Disposal – the safe and secure disposal of your technology assets is important to us.

We have implemented IT Asset Managed Service (ITaaS) solutions for major organisations across various business sectors. Our experience includes providing a complete IT asset management service for a major Secure Government enterprise consisting of over 7,000 desktop/laptop devices and for a FTSE 100 client with over 20,000 employees.

Because we are so experienced in working with enterprises of different sizes, everything we do is flexible within reason and can be scaled up as your requirements develop.